Release Party F17 - Rome, June 9 2012 - The Event

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This page has been created to report the Release Party Held in Rome on June 9.

The publication of this event was given as follows:

The initiative was for the users who wanted taking a look at the community and at the new release 'Fedora 17 ' Beefy Miracle '" .

The location choosed was Rome, for many reasons:

  • It's the capital of Italy;
  • It's the center of our country;
  • It's accessible by all means of transport;
  • It's a historical and artistic city.

The italian Ambassadors also wanted to check the interests of users in different contexts.
The event was sponsored by the Ambassadors:

Gianluca Sforna
Gabriele Trombini
Mario Santagiuliana

with the help of the users:

Robert Mayr
Antonio Gemelli


To explain better why Rome is a unique place in the world you can see these pictures, which confirm we didn't a mistake when choosing this location.

Colosseo Fontana di Trevi Piazza di Spagna

The pizzeria was selected due to the proximity to the public transport and for the space availability for the Fedora 17 presentation and the planned activities.

pizzeria Zio Ciro

There was a booth on which we placed the laptop for the demonstration, for the quiz and, also, to place an old but still functioning, IBM laptop.

PC used for testing
The IBM exhibit


The event was attended by 16 people including some Fedora newbies, with them we had an interesting exchange of views. These were the users requesting to have a look at some standard operations with Gnome3, but also to get introduced to an overview of the system.


Gianluca Sforna proceeded explaining the new release, with particular reference to the features and improvements occurring in the system, with practical examples, including the terminal usage and the Gnome 3 functionality.

Gabriele Trombini explains the present activities of the Project, the concept of free software, and the relationship between Fedora Project and Contributors.

We set up a test for the attendees with questions concerning the history and characteristics of Fedora since version 1 and general history related to GNU / Linux.

The user who approached the 100% of correct answers won a nice and appreciated gadget.

This proof of knowledge and memory was largely successful and was a hard test to pass also for the most experienced users; certainly we will try make it more tricky for the next events.


There were distributed Fedora 17 DVDs , stickers and copies of a book written by Robert Mayr and Gabriele Trombini

The requests have been in relation to the most various types of objects, but the stickers found the most success.


fedora friends
fedora friends

Starting with the aperitif, slightly alcoholic, and then with appetizers of bruschetta and mozzarella rolled in pizza dough.

Then it was pizza time, everyone got his preferred pizza and it was delicious!
As a liquid support for the whole dinner the most choosed a fresh beer, but we had also some bottles of water on the table.

In the end the cake "Beefy Miracle" has been served, awesome!

Torta release.jpg

The End

After the wonderful evening, with regret of all, the final greetings. Who at home, who at the hotel and who around Rome ....... for the whole night.

Thanks to everyone for participating. We'll see you next time.